2012-13 Webinar Series


Adventure sports and Speight’s are a natural fit. We are born of hard yakka, the great outdoors, generating a power of a thirst and enjoying satisfaction of a job well done at the end of the day with your mates and fellow competitors. If adventure sport matters to you, it matters to us, and that’s why we’re into it. Lucky for you we have you covered. Speight's has run a series of instructional "webinars".
The team at Speight's takes pride in sponsoring a range of fantastic Kiwi multisport events. From the Motatapu in Central Otago to the Coastal Challenge in Auckland City… and let’s not forget where it all started, the iconic Speight’s Coast to Coast!
These interactive tutorials are aimed at our dedicated multisport enthusiasts, the weekend warriors who passionately train for and participate in the events we support.
Rolling out in 4 monthly installments, the webinars were hosted by 9-time Speight’s Coast to Coast champion Steve Gurney, and Olympic bronze medal rower (now multisport enthusiast) Nathan Twaddle. 


Designing a Training Programme
  • How to get the best "bang for buck" out of your training time and how to plan your training.
  • How is multi-sport training different? What specific types of training are the most efficient and effective?
  • Examples of some popular events and the principles of how you'd train for them.
  • The fundamentals of developing your training program, rest, recovery and tapering.
  • Tips for urban based training to save on time and travel.


Nutrition and Equipment
  • Nutrition for training and racing, hydration & supplements
  • "Must-have" equipment / wish-list equipment / the innovations you whip up yourself
  • What equipment offers the best bang for your buck (e.g. what bike stuff is worthwhile)
  • Some fundamental theories about choosing technology


Sports Psychology
  • The importance of mental preparation
  • Dealing with nerves, setbacks and injuries (both in training and in the races)
  • Race day strategy


Successful Goal Setting & Post Race Focus
  • The value of setting goals, long term and short term
  • Research on successful goal-setting and how to put this into practice
  • Having your cake and eating it too, reasons to make multisport more than a one off