The Great Yarns

What better way to spend some time than sharing a yarn with your mates, a cold Speight’s in hand. Having been around since 1876 it’s not surprising that the Dunedin brewery and the people that work here also have some yarns to share. To explore the eight floors of this gravity fed brewery is to discover the rich heritage, history and tradition of this iconic Dunedin landmark. Everyone it seems has a story to tell. 
In this first film, the team at Speight’s take you inside the brewery and reveal how they craft beers using the same techniques and machines originally built in the 1940s. It’s a hands-on process and one that requires a remarkable attention to detail in order to produce a consistently quality beer. Engineers keep the machinery humming, the operations team keep the quality beer coming and the brewery going 24-7 . No matter what their job entails, everyone on this team is united by an infectious pride and passion for their work.