Meet the team

Speight’s brewers are the real rock stars of the brewery. These are the people charged with creating our distinctive award winning Ales. More than that, once created, they need to be able to recreate each ale exactly every time.  
So the flair and creative skills of the brewer need to be balanced equally with a precise, analytical attitude to keeping the painstakingly accurate records of everything they do.

These become the treasured recipes of Speight’s Ale that can be referenced by each new generation of brewers. Thus ensuring that the refreshing tasty Speight’s Ale you pull off the tap today tastes the same as when it was first made in 1876, and it will taste the same in 2076.

Make sure you watch our Speight's Great Yarns video about the People and Values to learn more about our dedicated team.

Meet the team:


Julia Pye – Operations Manager

Julia’s the boss.
She’s our South Island Operations Manager and looks after the brewery team. Julia proves that working at a brewery isn’t just for the blokes. Her background isn’t as a brewer; she came through the engineering side. Julia’s been with Lion for over 17 years, she started in Auckland but the locals reckon she’s seen the light and moved south.
Favourite beer is Speight’s Pilsner.

Stephen Whitehead – Speight's Brewer

Stephen’s the guru. 
He’s our most experienced brewer and heads up the lab tech team. He’s the guy charged with making sure that your favourite Speight’s Ale tastes exactly the same every time.

Jimmy Hanah – Brew Technician

If experience is worth anything then Jimmy is just about priceless, he’s been with the brewery for over 25 years and works his magic on the brew floor crafting the brew. The Brew Techs are the guys that make sure things get done. There is a lot of physical work in brewing, like expertly manhandling kegs and large volumes of ingredients. A keen supporter of the Zingary Richmond rugby club.

Wayne Todd – Engineer

Wayne’s been at the brewery for over 10 years and he’s one of the guys that keep the place going. Brewing is a continual process. If one part stops, the whole shooting match can grind to a halt. It’s up to Wayne to keep it running. In fact it’s a good sign when Wayne has nothing to do.  Favourite beer – Speight’s Gold Medal Ale, what else.


Dennis Trembath – Brewing and Beverage technician

Dennis has the enviable task of being Speight’s Beer Ambassador. It sounds like the world’s best job eh? Wandering around enthusiastically educating people about the glories of Speight’s Ales and running food and beer matching sessions.
But Dennis is highly qualified for the position. He’s been with Lion for over 12 years. He has an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the brewery, the brewing process and the brews. He is a member of the brewing team and a trainer and can fill in anywhere from the keg line to the filter to the brew floor.
You don’t get to be an ambassador without knowing a thing or two.
Favourite beer is Speight’s Distinction.