Brewery History


James Speight, Charles Greenslade and William Dawson first established Speight’s brewery in Rattray St in Dunedin in 1876. 

Speight’s is one of the few gravity-fed breweries left in the world. Thanks to the Rattray St site being on a steep incline it allowed for raw materials to enter in the top of the brewery and the finished product to exit at the bottom.

One of the essential raw ingredients for brewing is clean, fresh, water. Speight’s brewery is fed by a natural spring beneath the site. Speight’s provide a free water tap on Rattray Street where members of the public can fill their water bottles and enjoy pure fresh spring water, and they do to the tune of a million litres a year.

In 1880 a new malt house was built. This building is still standing and is the oldest part of today’s brewery.

Speight’s is one of only two breweries in the world to use kauri fermentation gyles. These open topped small volume vats are used to make Speight’s crafted beer range using recipes from a bygone era to create flavours as true as possible to the original styles.

From small beginnings the Speight’s brewery and the Speight’s brand have become icons of the south. In fact nowadays Speight's has become so popular that - to cope with demand - production of bottles and cans has moved north to Auckland. But 136 years on, the workers at this historic Brewery continue to produce kegs of our favourite Speight's.  
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